• What do Quality Tools have to do with IT Organizations?

    by Dave Pagenkopf

    I’m a home remodeling geek. Perhaps with a better back and knees I would have worked in construction instead of IT. I remember as a young boy, while my friends watched the latest superhero cartoons on Saturday mornings I watched This Old House and Hometime. Thanks to HGTV and DIYNetwork more people than ever may call themselves house geeks, but back then there weren’t many of us.

    As a first generation college student, I grew up in an extended family of trades people. My dad was an electrician and I had uncles and cousins who worked as plumbers, carpenters, masons, welders, auto mechanics, painters, and electronics technicians. One of the lessons they all shared with me was to buy quality tools from trustworthy brands. Buy a pro-quality tool and it will last a lifetime of homeowner use.

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