• New Year's Resolutions! (New Job?)

    by Dave Pagenkopf

    I have been a member of my local gym since they opened about four years ago. The gym is small (I prefer to think of it as more personal) compared to many of the gym’s in the Madison area, but it is big enough for me. It has the essential equipment and space that I want without all of the pools, courts, and classes that I don’t really care about.

    The customer base consists of regulars who, like me, consistently attend all year. There is also a group of college students that attend over the summer and an undetermined number of people who buy a membership and attend irregularly. Finally there are the resolutionists. They are easy to recognize with their new Under Armour workout gear, Fitbits, and new water bottles. They show up in early January with lots of enthusiasm to work out on their new training plans.

    By mid-February, most of those that haven’t stopped showing up come into the gym and spend more time watching the TVs on the wall and texting with their smartphones than working up a sweat. After the first really nice spring day, these resolutionists have pretty much disappeared except for maybe one or two that are destined to become a regular. I have seen this cycle repeat three times already and don’t expect this year to be any different...

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