• Coffee Grinder

    By Marjorie Ready
    Software Engineer

    One of the many things I love about being a consultant is the opportunity to learn and work with a variety of technical tools. As a developer or architect, there are many choices to consider for your technology stack, and often the biggest challenge is integrating these tools into a cohesive platform. I have been developing software for well over ten years now, and consider myself primarily to be a server-side java developer. My current client is a startup that manufactures scientific instruments, and our small team of developers is creating the application that will run a new instrument remotely from a browser and/or android tablet. With the opportunity to build this application from scratch, careful consideration went into the tools that were evaluated and ultimately selected. For developing the client UI, one of the tools we selected was CoffeeScript, described as “a little language that compiles into JavaScript”. The purpose of this article is to describe my personal learning experience, and provide some tips in case you encounter CoffeeScript in a future engagement or wish to try it out on your own.

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