• Should I Stay or Should I Go Now??

    By Jackie Falch

    They like me! They really, really like me!! That is exactly how we feel when we give notice to our employer and they come back with a counter offer to keep you with them! Feeling “liked” is a primal human need after all...

    Your employer tells you how they would hate to lose you, what a good job you do, how you would be hard to replace, and simply that they don’t want you to leave. And that may be true. They will offer to increase your pay and/or may offer to make some other changes to make you happy.

    So suddenly the job you were looking to leave doesn’t seem so bad after all. And staying is a lot easier than leaving. You don’t need to learn a new company and a new job, you know what is expected of you, and you get to stay with your wonderful co-workers. And more than likely, now you're making more money... Well that is a big WIN – WIN for you, right?

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