• Tips to Make Your Resume STAND OUT

    By Jackie Falch

    You are ready to make a job change, so the first thing you do is write, or update, your resume. Your resume will include your education, any certifications, and your work history; including the names of the company, the dates you worked, your job title, and then a list of your job duties. Once you have finished your resume you start the fun part - - searching for the perfect job.

    You are amazing! Your resume is amazing! You are the best candidate for the job! So you excitedly send off your resume and wait for that employer to contact you. You’ve got this!!

    But, take a minute to think. In all likelihood your resume is probably going to be fairly similar to other candidates. If they feel qualified to apply, like you do, they are going to have a very similar background of experience. So what is going to make this prospective new employer want to meet YOU? How can you make your resume stand out?

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