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Client mobility is the new network standard. 
Users want constant access to files, web pages and internal data.  User interaction is controlled and managed by layers of infrastructure security which can allow anyone, anywhere, anytime, and on any device to connect to an organization's network.  This framework must be designed with the appropriate security.  Such a structure allows the connection of personal and business devices to internal business data.  The future is here with smart phones and smart televisions accessing approved information.  Security solutions are at the forefront, making these connections possible.

Start with a Smart Solution
Best practice guidelines from Smart Solutions will insure that connectivity to your organizations information is available to the appropriate and authorized individuals.  The transfer of secure information must follow organizational guidelines.  Crafting a solution that will keep data confidential while insuring its integrity will allow employees, customers and partners gain the greatest value from their experience.

Implement a Security Policy
The first step to insuring a secure environment is to develop a security policy.  Smart Solutions has the experts to strengthen policies throughout the organization.  Applying proven principles will allow all employees to understand how to minimize threats to the organizations valuable resources and information.  Establishing the expectations of digital behavior is one of the best ways to combat security threats.  Knowing what the threats are and providing education and solutions to employees is the Smart move.

Define Network Security
Obtaining the same services available across multiple devices requires multiple technologies to be implemented and to function together. The requirements for a holistic security system involve the right hardware and software and the personnel to implement the solutions. Crafting the network architecture for cloud-based computing is a critical step to insuring that data is confidential and available to the proper people at the right time and location.  Industry options and cost savings are creating a draw for organizations to move to cloud-based computing.  Providing the security for a mobile organization is a Smart Solution!

Schedule a Security Review
Are there compliance requirements that are applicable to your organization's processes?  Designing security around a flexible environment with accessibility does not diminish the legal and industry requirements for information compliance such as the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI DSS) or medical privacy laws found in the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA).  Reviewing your compliance to security standards within the infrastructure systems insures that costs or fines are avoided.  Smart Solutions will provide the skilled staff and define the options to minimize the risk of loss do to a security vulnerability.

Stay secure with Smart Solutions!

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