Smart provides candidates with the right mix of technical knowledge and business savvy.

Madison-based communications firm

Smart Solutions takes the time to understand what we need. They understand our environment and provide us with candidates that fit us.

Madison-based online retail firm

I’m never surprised when I call Smart Solutions. I rely on them to provide the expertise I need at a reasonable price.

Dane County telecommunications firm

Smart Solutions understands the qualities that I’m looking for; hard working, dedicated, skill sets. They are invested in my success.

Madison-based insurance company

I have thoroughly enjoyed working with you and Smart Solutions. You hire top-quality people, and I feel good to be included in that number.


I trust my interactions with Smart Solutions. They are professional, honest, and provide the best technical expertise around. I always go to them first for specialized skills that I need.

Madison Telecommunications Firm

Smart Solutions is awesome! Thank you so much for the ‘summer gift’ and the five-year anniversary gift card. You share your success and it’s appreciated.


That I’ve been working for them for seven years is a testament to their company. I feel valued.


We have used Smart Solutions for a number of projects over the past several years, and have in every case been very pleased with the quality and timeliness of the work. Smart Solutions brings the technical expertise to recommend appropriate solutions, and the experience to deliver an implementation that meets our needs.

Madison-based Biotech firm

You have been a terrific asset to our agency. I am not prejudiced, but I feel that you are the best consultant we have ever had. Smart Solutions provided consultants that were experts in their field. They were able to come in and hit the ground running to get the work done. What the consultants were able to do saved our own developers hours of work…time we didn’t have to spare. Our project was successful and we wouldn’t hesitate to contact Smart Solutions again for staff supplementation.

Madison-based manufacturing company