Every year that I have been a contractor for Smart Solutions I have received a Xmas bonus. Although I’m not new to receiving something during a holiday when I worked for previous employers it’s usually been a turkey for Thanksgiving or a little something at the end of the year. Although I am always thankful for getting anything, those generous gifts haven’t provided me the ability to continue to spread the joy.

That all changed when I received my first Christmmas bonus from Smart Solutions. Your generosity has afforded me the opportunity to play Santa for others. Two years ago I bought a few gifts for a friend that had lost his job and wasn’t feeling “in the spirit”. Prior to being picked up by Smart Solutions, I had been unemployed for seven months (got laid off two weeks before Christmas), so I could relate. He has since found employment and is now doing the same thing for others during this time of year. Last year, Tracy and I made a donation to the local animal shelter. We don’t have children of our own, but our pug is always referred to as our kid (he just walks on four legs and has a speech impediment). As such, we felt compelled to take care of some other “kids” that didn’t find a home during the holiday.

We haven’t decided yet what to do with some of this year’s bonus. We always seem to have wants but we would rather use some of the money to help someone/something more in need. It’s actually one of the more fun decisions we get to make together so I’m not complaining.

Just wanted to let you know how thankful and blessed we feel being part of the Smart Solutions family. I am happy that business was better this year than last and every effort is being made to make 2013 be even better (if I find someone in need of your services I will be sure to point them in your direction). Happy Holidays to you and your family.