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Design Team Facilitation

You’re facing one of your greatest challenges—redesigning your flagship product, or creating an entirely new product to meet customer demands. You rely on your developers, but you’re not really sure how to get started with a new interface, a brand-new solution. You know you can build it, but will your customers be able to use it? Will they like it? Will they want it?  

Smart Solutions can help. Let us work with your design team to create a truly usable, appealing interface.  

We start by researching your audience and their workflow and tasks.  We analyze your competition’s offerings.  Then we facilitate daily design sessions with your team, collaborating to produce an interface that will work right the first time and keep your customers coming back. 

User Experience Testing

You’ve got a great product, and you’re always ready to improve it.  One thing you’ve learned, details can make all the difference.  But what changes will pay off for you and your customers? You need to do better than guess which direction to take.

A user experience test reveals exactly how users interact with a site or application. This test uncovers problem areas and clearly identifies which areas of the application work well and which don’t. 

The Smart Solutions usability specialists can recruit the right test participants from your target audience and conduct test sessions that cover key tasks for each audience.  Participant performance and responses are analyzed, issues are identified, categorized, and then prioritized with clients.  Smart Solutions presents a detailed report of findings and recommendations.

Introduction to User-Centered Design – Customized Training by Smart Solutions Inc.

Every day, you’re working to beat the competition and satisfy your customers. You’re always looking for the technique, information, or inspiration that can give you that special edge. It’s no secret that better design makes a better product in less time and with less effort.  

Smart Solutions offers a two-day intensive introduction to the theory and practice of user-centered design led by User Experience experts. Your product managers, designers, and developer can learn

  • User-centered design process
  • Best practices and proven methods in user-centered design
  • How to implement user-centered design practices
  • Strategies for adapting user-centered design for your organization

Work with Smart Solutions’ experienced user-centered design practitioners to make your products and customer interactions the best in the business.

Our Consultants Say...

Sharry has been great to work with and Smart Solutions has definitely been a step above all the other [companies I've worked with]. ~ Kyle M.

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