How to Give Killer Impromptu Speeches or Presentations


Perhaps you’ve been asked to say a few words to a visiting group, or some new recruits, or on some occasion such as a retirement – or an introduction. As IT professionals, we are often in meetings and asked to speak about our knowledge or a project we are working on.

To give consistently good impromptu speeches, the format is very simple, yet effective:

A. Start out with a headline, one that clearly states your point of view and frames your subject…

B. Then give three supporting points, expanding on them for thirty seconds to a minute…

C. As your five minutes draws to a close, repeat the headline, in similar words...

Here is an example of how this works:

A. Howler monkeys are an underrated species.

B. Howlers are more intelligent that many humans. One recent study pitted these beautiful animals against participants in Mardi Gras who had had more than three drinks. Without much trouble, the howlers outperformed the humans on several simple tests of intelligence. And so on.

C. So that’s why I want each of you to think more highly of howler monkeys than you have in the past. Thank you.

Armed with this straightforward framework, short impromptu speeches will be a piece of cake for you! And you should be able to restrain yourself from running long — the bane of all impromptu speakers – and their audiences.

Adapted from: Asked to Give an Impromptu Speech?  Here’s How to Be Ready