How to Turn Off Those Pre-screened Credit Card offers


By Dave Pagenkopf

Personal security and privacy are often areas of our lives we would like to be more diligent about. Now is a great time to refresh our goals and tune up those areas!  Don’t be overwhelmed… From August 1 – 10, I’m sharing ideas to tune up your personal privacy and computer security.

My second is a big one, that I’m sure you can relate to.

Tell me, do you get credit card offers in the mail that you don’t want? Have you wondered how to get rid of them?

You can turn these off by contacting the Consumer Credit Card Reporting Industry association and request an opt out of all credit card offers. Opting out does not affect your credit report, your credit score, or your ability to get credit. Opting out just stops the flow of credit card offers to your home.

The risk in these offers is someone returning one on your behalf and intercepting the credit card when it is mailed back to you (easy unless your mailbox is lockable) or even diverting the cards to another address on the credit form. Now, if anyone knows how I can stop the rest of the junk mail… let me know!


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