Online Security – Change the Admin Account


By Dave Pagenkopf

Personal security and privacy are often areas of our lives we would like to be more diligent about. Now is a great time to refresh our goals and tune up those areas! ┬áDon’t be overwhelmed… Over the next 10 days I am going to share 10 ideas to tune up your privacy and computer security.

Tip # Seven: When you setup a new Windows PC, the first user account is set up as an Administrator Account. That means on your home PC, there is a very good chance that someone in the house is using an administrator account for everyday use.

What’s the danger here? It is much easier for malware to do damage when you are logged into an administrator account. Therefore, the best thing to do is use the administrator account to create a regular User Account and use the User Account every day. If your PC were to be infected with malware, then it is less likely to do as much damage with your regular user account.

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