Using Two Browsers for Online Security


By Dave Pagenkopf

Personal security and privacy are often areas of our lives we would like to be more diligent about. Now is a great time to refresh our goals and tune up those areas!  Don’t be overwhelmed… From August 1 – 10, I am sharing 10 ideas to tune up your personal online privacy and computer security.

Tip #9:

There are many tricks a hacker can use to capture important information when you are working online. One trick is to capture information in another browser tab or to pull information from that browser’s cookies. Therefore, some experts recommend using one browser for secure and trusted sites such as your email and your bank and another browser for casual web surfing. I prefer to use my favorite browser with all of my important bookmarks for the secure sites and then a secondary browser for reading news and other surfing. The two browser approach is a very simple and easy way to improve online security.