Start Each Day with a Clean Slate


How do you start your work day?

The first few hours of your day sets the tone and your attitude, it is critical for directing (or derailing) your focus — and helping you achieve better results!

You may have to attend to projects or discussions that rolled over from the previous afternoon — Consider first trying to treat each day as a fresh one, says David Shindler, an employability specialist and author of Learning to Leap. “Leave any crap from yesterday behind, tap into what’s happening at the outset of the day, get organized and ready or hit the ground running, if that’s what is needed,” he says.

The first hour of each day is the best time to focus and figure out the priorities. It’s also the time when we are likely to get distracted with unimportant activities that distract and derail us.

Take 5 minutes to settle in, clear your head, and assess if you’re making the best use of your high morning brain power.

Excerpt from: 14 Things You Should Do at the Start of Every Work Day