What do Non-Verbal Cues Have to Do With Communication


There is more to communication than talking.

When leading a meeting, speaking to a group, or interacting one-on-one, pay close attention to the other person’s body language and voice tone, Price says. ‘Listen with your eyes. Their nonverbal cues can tell you when they have a question, want to say something, agree or disagree, need a break, require more explanation, or have an emotional response.’

By responding appropriately to others’ cues, you not only convey confidence in yourself, you show a high level of empathy, sensitivity and care for them which builds trust.”

At the same time, know that you are also sending nonverbal ques. From eye contact to handshakes to gestures, it’s important to be self-aware and know what cues you are sending!

Excerpt from: 10 Non-verbal Cues that Convey Confidence at Work