Why Contractors are a Smart Solution


As a hiring manager, internal recruiter, or project manager, you may be fully aware of how challenging it is to find the right talent for your teams in this market. Currently, the economy is thriving, and organizations are taking full advantage of the fruitful conditions to develop, implement, and deploy projects to help them achieve their goals. Not having enough bench strength and talent can slow this process down considerably. The great talents out there are working; likely in gigs, they have been able to carefully choose, like contracting. With this high demand for technical skill-sets, it may be time for you and your organization to consider contractors.


Contractors provide many benefits to  a team

Have you ever brought on team members needed only for their specific knowledge or expertise in an area, not fully knowing what to do with them after project milestones and goals have been met? Contractors can relieve many obstacles after project objectives have been met. There may be times when workloads may peak and lull and thus, teams and managers need to be flexible enough to meet their expectations. When workloads are maxing out, call on contractors to help you fill the gaps and relieve core team members of long hours and burdensome schedules. When workload leans out and winds down, avoid layoffs or possible HR issues by trying to find out where these team members can be utilized in the current state of business. Many software development and application projects may benefit tremendously by having stopgap measures in place when needed.


Contractors are there when you want them and can provide you with everything from bleeding edge skills and knowledge to limited term staff augmentation. They can fill the holes created with inconsistent project funding, continuously changing project workloads, and skills gaps that often present themselves with major IS/IT evolution.  If your current team does not have the necessary and specific skills needed for the demands of your projects, training and then bolstering these new skills can be very costly in both dollars and time.


Partnering with Smart Solutions and taking the time to develop a strong relationship with us, will yield your organization many benefits. In due course, you will save money on health benefits, social security and Medicare payments, unemployment insurance, worker’s compensation insurance, and other perks offered to full time hires. The contractors we work with are often the very best in their fields of expertise.  If you are looking for best-in-class and experienced team members to help you reach your project and organizational goals, please reach out to us. Our expert team of recruiters and account managers is ready to assist you with our decades of industry knowledge.