About Us

Smart Solutions works with entrepreneurs and start-ups, mid-size businesses, and Fortune 500 companies to solve problems. We work with employers to identify business needs. We learn your culture and speak your language. The result – you only see candidates with the specialized skills that make productive teams and successful projects.

Smart Solutions was founded in 1996 by Jackie Mortell and Joel Fangmann. Jackie was the first Smart Solutions consultant, working as a software developer.

For our consultants, we provide a career with stability and flexibility, the opportunity to grow professionally and the chance to experience different business environments without hopping from job to job.

Smart Solutions has made it a priority to always put people first. Our team of consultants has grown to over 140 – many who’ve been with us for more than ten years (some over 15)! 

It is our company’s vision to:

  • Be the technology staffing firm of choice for clients and consultants
  • To be the most effective firm at servicing our clients
  • To be the most dedicated to the success of our consultants
  • To enjoy our work, our lives and our families

We help great people find great jobs!