About Us

Smart Solutions was founded in 1996 by Jackie Mortell and Joel Fangmann.  At the core of the company’s beginning was a desire to help people be successful.  Jackie was Smart’s first consultant, working as a software developer while Joel managed the day to day business.  In 2005 Brent Mitchell joined Smart Solutions as an Account Manager, and later as a co-owner and Senior Vice President.  We started as a small shop that throughout the years has grown to a team of 100+ consultants.

Today Brent Mitchell is the sole owner and President of Smart Solutions.  That original desire to help people is still at the forefront of everything we do.  We believe that by cultivating quality, happy and engaged people we can foster success!  We work with start-ups, mid-size businesses, Fortune 500 companies and exceptional IT talent in the greater Madison metropolitan area and beyond.  We work to identify business needs, understand a company’s culture, and ultimately connect the right talent to the right opportunity.

Our purpose is to cultivate quality, happy, and engaged people.