A few years ago we evaluated why certain consultants were successful no matter where they were placed. There was a realization that they all had one thing in common…great soft skills. So, we created a simple program to help our consultants develop and sharpen their soft skills.

We have a few ways our consultants can engage with our Plus Program…

Open and read our weekly Smart Remarks: You’ll get an email once a week called a Smart Remark; the idea is for these to be easy, simple reminders, that will help you keep soft skills front of mind daily.

Create or attend a Smart Talk: These are 30-minute lunch and learn style talks that are created and delivered by our consultants around a soft skills topic they feel passionately about or want to learn about; a great time to eat, network, and learn

Attend our Smart Talk Masters Edition events: These are great opportunities to hear from an outside speaker who is an expert in their field (soft-skill related), all while meeting and network with other consultants and client managers from the Madison area.

Learn more about our Plus Program™.